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 top 10 guitars


Buying the best guitar is a real challenge, may it be to a beginner or a professional. Not all the expensive ones are great, or not all the cheap ones are bad. As many guitarists say, a guitar being the best one entirely depends on the person who will be using it; in other words, it all lies in the user’s grip and comfort. Understanding the different types of guitars, price range, type of the guitar neck you are comfortable with, deciding whether you would be going for a brand new one or a used one, etc., are some the things to consider before buying your guitar. One important thing a beginner should remember is that a guitar should never be purchased without playing it once.


Coming to prices, guitars are available at a variable range of prices. According to the experienced guitarists, beginners should always spend less on their first guitars. Once you are all done with the learning, you can go for the expensive ones. Both acoustic and electric guitars are available at lower prices. Usually, beginners go for electric guitars, as these are easier to play. But, acoustic guitars are good for plenty of reasons like portability, affordability, calmer tone etc. Here is the list of 10 finest guitars, both acoustic and electric, in the market whose prices are below Rs.10000.


  1. Yamaha 6-stringed Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha acoustic guitar tops this list for a lot of reasons; the prime ones being, its high stability and durability. This 6-stringed guitar comes with a one-year manufacturer guarantee. With its hand-finished construction and dreadnought body style, this guitar comes with loud acoustic sound and provides comfort to the beginners. The body is made up of a spruce top, mahogany back and sides. Lastly, the fingerboard is made up of rosewood and the neck material is Nato.

1 top 10 guitars


The model number of this guitar is F310. This guitar comes in natural wood colour only. The price of Yamaha acoustic guitar is Rs. 9,490/-


Reasons to go for Yamaha F310-

– Excellent resonance sound is one of the unique features of this guitar.

– Strings come with less tension, which makes it easy for the beginners to play.

– Near perfect construction, sound and comfort are few more reasons to buy Yamaha acoustic guitar.


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  1. Ibanez Glossy-finish Acoustic Guitar

If you are looking for an all in one kind of a thing then, Ibanez Glossy-finish Acoustic Guitar could be your best buy this season. Within Rs.10,000, you will be getting a dreadnought guitar, chromatic clip-on tuner, guitar strap, gig bag, picks and an accessory pouch. Ibanez acoustic guitar is made up of Mahogany on the back and on the sides, Canadian solid spruce top, and Ivorex II nut and saddle.

2 top 10 guitars


The model number of this glossy-finish guitar is V50NJP  and comes with a durable mahogany neck. This is a 6-string guitar that comes in two shades namely, natural glossy finish and vintage sunburst. This guitar is available as a jampack with different accessories and the price varies between Rs.9,500 and Rs.10,000.


Reasons to go for Ibanez Glossy-finish Acoustic Guitar Jampack

– Looks might not be the strong point of this acoustic guitar; but, it is known for its high durability and stability.

– Ibanez’s acoustic guitar will not have swelling issues in the humid conditions, which is common in other guitars. This is because the entire body is laminated.

– Tuners are of better quality than many other less expensive acoustic guitars.



  1. Dean’s black Electric Guitar

The first electric guitar on our list from Dean. Dean is one of the very few electric guitars that does justice to its price. If you have just started with your guitaring and are looking for an electric guitar, then, Dean’s electric guitar could be an excellent option. The angular neck joint of this guitar is patented and offers high-level comfort to its users. Dean’s black electric guitar is made up of basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. The controls include 3-way toggle pickup selector, master volume, and tone. Along with the product comes a 12-pick pack and guitar cable.

3 top 10 guitars


EVOXM is the model number of this strikingly beautiful black electric guitar. This 6-string guitar is available only in black colour and the price ranges from Rs. 9400 to Rs.10000/-


Reasons to go for Dean’s black electric guitar

– Dean’s black electric guitar meets every guitarist’s needs, may he/she be a beginner or professional. You can expect this product to be strong, highly durable, and have the ability to withstand high-level performances.

– This electric guitar offers more options with its dual humbuckers. Humbuckers suit well for hard rock and heavy metal styles.

– Striking aesthetics, high product quality and an affordable price are the major reasons to look out for this product.



  1. Fender’s Slim-neck Acoustic Guitar

If you are looking for some pure acoustic guitaring experience, then, Fender’s acoustic guitar should be your choice. The neck shape is slim and offers excellent grip for the beginners. The dreadnought body of this guitar offers excellent tonal balance. The build-up specifications of this guitar include linden on top, mahogany on back and sides, maple fingerboard and a mahogany neck.

4 top 10 guitars


SA-150 is the model number of this acoustic guitar and its comes with 6 steel strings. Fender’s acoustic guitar is available in three shades namely, natural, sunburst and black. This highly aesthetic guitar comes at affordable prices ranging from Rs. 7250 to Rs.7900/-


Reasons to go for Fender SA-150 Acoustic Guitar

– This guitar has perfect construction and gives perfect grip to its users.

– All-laminated construction will prevent the swelling under humid conditions, hence, making it more durable.

– Steel strings of Fender’s acoustic guitar is its unique feature which results in louder and brighter sounds.



  1. Grail’s Bronze-stringed Acoustic Guitar

Grail’s bronze-stringed guitar can beat none when it comes to the construction and performance. This is a traditional dreadnought guitar which promises rich clarity and great balance in the tone for its users. The guitar build-up includes a spruce body, rosewood fretboard, rosewood bridge, and bronze strings.

5 top 10 guitars


The model number of this Grail’s acoustic guitar is AG-D120. With a Nato neck, this 6-stringed guitar comes in natural shade only. It is available at a price as least as Rs.6450/-


Reasons to buy Grail Bronze-stringed Acoustic Guitar

– Bronze strings gives extraordinary sound and acoustic experience to the users.

– Deep resonance and excellent tonal quality.

– Excellent craftmanship and slim neck of Grail’s acoustic guitar, makes it easy for the beginners to learn playing.

– Offers stable tuning with diecast tuners.

– Highly resistible to harsh conditions due to its quality lacquer finish.



  1. Hertz’s 6-Stringed Semi Acoustic Guitar

Hertz’s semi acoustic guitar is a perfect guitar for you if you are highly specific about the appearance and comfort. Extremely smooth and perfect finishing makes your guitaring experience hassle-free. As for the body, this 6-string electro-acoustic guitar is made up of linden on top, back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and a maple bridge. This guitar comes with a 4 band equalizer and diecast tuners.

6 top 10 guitars


HZA-4000 is the model number of this semi acoustic guitar from Hertz. With a nato neck, this product is available in three different shades namely, natural, sunburst and black. The price ranges from Rs.5900 to Rs. 6500/-


Reasons why you should have Hertz’s 6-stringed Semi Acoustic Guitar

– Offers perfect grip, which is imperative for the beginners.

– Comes with sleak construction.

– A perfect partner for both your acoustic and electric guitaring practices. You can play this guitar, with or without the amplifiers.



  1. Java’s Black-and-White Electric Guitar

Aesthetically beautiful black and white guitar from Java is another pure electric guitar on our list. Java’s electric guitar is available in different colors and if you are one who is concerned about your guitar’s perfect looks, this product is for you. Java’s electric guitar has exceptional detailing in its design and is made up of an alder body, speedy maple neck, rosewood fretboard with dot inlays and medium-jumbo frets and lastly, equipped with 3 single coils.

7 top 10 guitars


EG-11 is the model number of this Java’s black electric guitar. This guitar comes with 6 strings and is available in three bright shades namely, red, black and vintage sunburst. The price of Java’s black electric guitar is Rs.9,125/-


Reasons why Java’s electric guitar could be a good buy

– Excellent tonal quality is the key feature of this electric guitar.

– Vintage tremolo is fun and easy to play with.

– The product comes sleek design and slim neck, which makes it easy for the users to play for long hours.



  1. Givson Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Givson Venus Rose is an ideal guitar for both beginners and professionals. This electro-acoustic guitar can either be connected to an amplifier for extra sound effects or just played as pure acoustic. Givson guitar comes with 2 band equalizer that allows you to control the volume and tone from the guitar when it is connected to an amplifier. It is made up of a pine wood top, toon wood body and neck and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

8 top 10 guitars 


The model number of Givson electro-acoustic guitar is VR-N and this comes with 6 steel strings. The shades include natural and natural with glossy finish. The maximum price of Givson electro-acoustic guitar is Rs.5000/-


Reasons to go for Givson Venus Rose VR-N Electro-Acoustic Guitar –

– Striking experience and highly affordable price

– Steel strings of this guitar provides with loud and bright sounds.

– Lightweight and high durability.

– Givson Venus Rose gives you both the acoustic and electric guitar experience.



  1. Amaze Tremolo Electric Guitar

Amaze electric guitar is one of the highly versatile guitars. May it be punk, heavy metal or even hard rock, you can create your own magic with this electric guitar. With a standard tremolo system, this electric imported guitar is made up of rosewood fingerboard and is fitted with 5 single pickups.

9 top 10 guitars


The model number of Amaze electric guitar is AT3. This 6-stringed guitar comes in two shades namely, black and sunburst. The price of this electric guitar ranges from Rs.6500 to Rs.7500/-


Reasons to go for Amaze Tremolo Electric Guitar

– Slim body and neck offers good balance to the users.

– Tremolo system of this guitar extremely fun to play with.

– Excellent construction and smooth finish.



  1. Aria’s Glossy-finish Electric Guitar

Aria just like Yamaha and Ibanez is a Japan-based guitar manufacturing brand. Aria’s electric guitar could be your best buy for several reasons. The finishing is strong enough to withstand harsh conditions. Smooth neck and lowest prices are other reasons. This guitar is made of an alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard.

10 top 10 guitars


STG-006 is the model number of this glossy-finish electric guitar and it is available in the natural shade only. The price of Aria’s electric guitar ranges from Rs.9500 to Rs.10,000.


Reasons to go for Aria’s Glossy-finish Electric Guitar

  • The laminated finish not only adds to its looks but also makes it more durable and resistant against harsh conditions.
  • Excellent value for money



Make sure you do a thorough research before purchasing your guitar because a poor choice is likely to kill your interest of becoming a guitarist. Speak to an experienced guitarist, who will help you end up with the best one. Happy guitaring…


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