How to make your Band FAMOUS on Facebook

get famous on facebook


Making a Facebook band or musician page is normally one of the initial steps artists take in light of the fact that Facebook can offer a simple and compelling route for band and solo artists to speak with their fans and elevate themselves to new audience members, yet the stage’s natural reach can hold you down. And why should they not? There’s justifiable reason explanation behind that: Facebook is the biggest interpersonal organization on the planet and it’s a critical place to interact with fans when you have enormous news to report.


make your band famous on facebook

Facebook for performers/artists: How to expand your reach


In case you’re considering your outreach important, you ought to consider your online presence important. Making and keeping up a Facebook band page isn’t troublesome, yet there are some normal misguided judgments that can cause issues down the line. In this manner, we have scribbled down a few proposals that you can take after to contact new gatherings of people truly effortlessly. In any case – genuine speedy – here are some truly imperative thing that you should know before doing any of that.


Facebook profile Vs. Facebook page


In the first place we have to clear up a little wording. Facebook calls the ordinary individual profiles “Individual Profiles.” The profiles made by brands, items, associations, artists or groups are called “Pages.”

It can get befuddling as the two can seem to be comparative, however there are some enormous refinements by the way they work. Additionally, you should have a Facebook individual profile before you can make a page, so in case you’re fresh out of the plastic new to Facebook, you’ll need to make that first. Once you’re up and running with an individual profile, here is the manner by which you can make a band page.


Instructions to make your Facebook craftsman/band page


  1. Go to this link (or you can tap the little bolt in the upper right of your own profile and utilize the dropdown menu to choose “Make Page.”)
  2. Select the “Musician, Band, or Public Figure” catch
  3. Once that is chosen, you will get a drop down menu where you will need to choose “artist/band”
  4. Enter in the artist or band name in the “name,” watch that you consent to the Terms of Service (on the off chance that you concur with the ToS, obviously), and afterward click “Begin.”

Since you Facebook band page is made, make certain to post a profile picture and a cover photograph (which is likewise here and there known as the header picture). Likewise make certain to drop your profile into the ABOUT area.


From that point forward, here is the thing that you ought to do to your Facebook band-page:


  1. Customise your page’s URL: Having a tweaked Facebook page URL won’t just give you a more expert and tenable picture, yet in addition make it less demanding for fans to discover you.


  1. Go beyond the Music: Yes, you are a band, and individuals likely make the most of your music, however they additionally presumably like different things about you — your style, your tastes or whatever a musician’s life is like. “Make your fans need to look at what you’re doing on Facebook,” says Myles Grosovsky, of Big Hassle Online Marketing.” I generally love to catch wind of things that groups are into that aren’t straightforwardly attached to their own work. Keep in mind — fans admire groups. We have a tendency to take after the groups’ lead on finding new things. They’re our tastemakers.” Instead of continually presenting content straightforwardly related on your band, share recordings, pictures and articles that you find intriguing, which will, thusly, start discussion with and among your fans.


  1. Timing is everything: “When” you post on Facebook is critical. At the point when would it be advisable for you to post on Facebook? As opposed to following guidance from blog entries you find on the web, delve into your page bits of knowledge to see when your fans are dynamic, at that point post at those circumstances. You can plan your Facebook posting ahead of time utilizing apparatuses like Hootsuite .


  1. Fill out your profile and set up every one of your connections: Don’t expect everybody knows your identity. Be set up for the consistent introduction to new potential fans, and make it simple for them to find more about you and your music.


  1. Post routinely (in any event once every day): Consistently refresh your page with new and one of a kind substance to keep your fans very much nourished and cheerfully locked in.


  1. Use your course of events to recount a story: Maximize the one of a kind energy of the Facebook timetable by including turning points and taking your fans on a noteworthy melodic adventure.


  1. Look at your Facebook bits of knowledge and become acquainted with your audience: You’ll be astonished at the amount you can learn! The better you comprehend your group of onlookers, the less demanding it will be for you to tailor your approach and technique.


  1. Facebook is visual, so incorporate a lot of pictures: Picture content pulls in far larger amounts of engagement than posts with just content, so make certain to keep those live shots, collection work of art and visit publications coming!


  1. Share posts from other individuals and pages: This is an incredible approach to fill in the holes when you’re running low on content thoughts. It can likewise help you to get onto the radars of influencers and their groups of onlookers.


  1. Look at what your most loved groups are doing: Who are your persuasions? Is it accurate to say that they are doing anything on Facebook you haven’t thought of? What snatches your consideration? On the off chance that they’re a comparable artists to you, at that point it bodes well to get some of their strategies for yourself!


  1. Engage with everybody, frequently: People get a kick out of the chance to feel exceptional. So act likewise. Attempt with every single aficionado of your band. On the off chance that somebody leaves a remark to you saying they like your music, don’t simply like it and say ‘much appreciated!’ Begin a discussion with them! Get some information about it, and how they got some answers concerning the band? Leave an enduring impression.


  1. Don’t be selfish: If everything you’re doing when you post on Facebook is requesting individuals to stream or purchase your music, or purchase tickets to your gig, at that point you will turn individuals off before long. At the point when individuals are looking through their bolster, they need incredible substance, applicable to them. Consider why individuals have enjoyed your page, and what kind of presents they’d expect on observe from a band like you. Recount your story. Make it individual. Show them sneak looks of some cool work of art, give them connects to free downloads of your music, share recordings that you believe are amusing, or topical.


So considering all of the above you are now ready to get started on Facebook with your musician/band page and increase your fan following.

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